First Aid Must-Knows for Hikers and Campers

Hiking should be as easy as a walk in the park. But a sprained ankle or a slip can leave you injured while you’re far away from emergency support. That’s why it’s crucial for hikers and campers to carry first aid equipment, and to know how to use it. Here at RVI Outdoor, we’re happy to provide campers with all the gear they need to safely enjoy the trails, and we thought we take a moment to point out a few first aid must-knows that you can keep in mind to gain peace of mind as you go out on your next adventure. We recommend packing a full first aid kit, knowing how to use it, and replacing used and expired supplies as they run out. Let’s delve a bit deeper into each of these safety tips.

Pack a Full First Aid Kit

Shop around for a first aid kit with all of the equipment, medicine, and tools you need to fix up any hikers or campers in your party. A good first aid kit will contain bandages, alcohol wipes, aspirins, antacids, burn dressings, gloves, hand sanitizer, gauze, tweezers, scissors, and ointments. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, and extra water and food. It’s wise to carry a lighter or fire starter, too. You can also bring a tourniquet for difficult hikes, as well as finger splints, just in case. Invest in a backcountry emergency phone if you’re going off-trail.

Know How to Use the Equipment

All that equipment isn’t of use if you don’t know how to use it properly. Take some time to read the instructions for any items that you don’t know how to use, before you head out on the trail. Be sure to read the expiration date for perishable items (like antacids and aspirin). Consider writing the expiration dates of these items on the outside of your first aid kit packaging, so you don’t neglect to replace them as they expire. Knowing how to use a tourniquet and burn relief equipment can be especially timely, so do your due diligence before you’re out in the wilderness.

Replace Used or Expired Supplies

As we just mentioned, expired items can be useless on the trail. On top of that, you shouldn’t forget to replace any items that you use up throughout your adventures. Take note of any incident that happens while you’re hiking or camping, and consider keeping the wrappers of any disposable items as a reminder of what needs replacing before your next trip. Make it a habit to check your first aid kit while packing, to ensure everything is in order.

Explore Our Catalog

Here at RVI Outdoor, we want your adventures to be as safe as possible, so you can enjoy the wilderness with peace of mind. That’s why we carry a variety of first aid kits that are designed for hikers and campers. Feel free to take a look at our current inventory of first aid kits and other safety accessories, and stay prepared while you’re out there on the trail!
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