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When disaster strikes, will you be prepared? Planning for emergencies can make all the difference in keeping your family safe. Fortunately, a little preparation can go a long way to provide you and your with peace of mind. Here at RVI Outdoor, we think it’s wise to plan for the unknown, which is why we’ve compiled a short step-by-step process that you can use to improve your home safety. We recommend that you consider investing in long-term emergency food and first aid supplies. Create plans of action for emergencies and disasters that can occur at your home. And practice these emergency scenarios with your family. Let’s delve a bit deeper into each of these precautions.

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1) Long-Term Emergency Food & First Aid Supplies

First thing’s first, purchase long-term emergency food, and stock up on first aid supplies. Disasters like blizzards, pandemics, and power outages can quickly lead to a food shortage or cut off your access to your local grocer, so it’s smart to keep at least a few dozen meals on hand. Be sure to purchase a supply of water as well. Keep a few emergency jugs of water on hand.

On top of that, you never know when an accident can occur to any of your family members. A first aid kit ensures that you have the supplies necessary to treat someone if they’ve been injured, even if you don’t have access to an ambulance or hospital care right away. Be sure to keep bandages, wound care kits, basic medicine. Keep duct tape and scissors nearby too, you never know when they can come in handy. Take note that certain supplies expire, so check your first aid kit regularly and replace outdated supplies. Of course, you should also keep a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in your home, too.

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2) Create Plans of Action

Creating plans of action for different emergency scenarios can save precious seconds when disaster strikes. Be sure to create a unique plan for each type of emergency that can occur to your home. And personalize your plans of action to suit the layout of your home. Here are some tips for common emergencies:

  • Intrusions: To play ahead for intrusions, designate quick exits (if you can escape) and a safe room (if you can’t escape). Teach your children to dial 911, and to talk quietly when an intruder is near.
  • Tornadoes: Set a gathering location in case of a tornado (which should be on the lowest floor of your home, in a central room with sturdy walls, and preferably no windows).
  • Flooding: If your home is at risk of flooding, be sure to keep emergency supplies on the highest floor of your home, and have family members gather there before flooding begins.
  • Hurricanes: If you’re in hurricane territory, be sure to purchase plywood well before a storm, so you can bolster up doors and windows to protect your home. If you can’t evacuate before a hurricane, plan on staying in the same room you would stay in during a tornado.
  • Fire: If there’s a fire, tell family members which exits to use for each room of the home, and tell them where the extinguisher and fire blanket are, and how to use both items.
  • Earthquakes: If you find yourself indoors in your home during an earthquake, stay inside and get under a desk or table, if possible. You can also move against strong interior walls, but stay away from windows, heavy furniture that can fall, the kitchen, and fireplaces.

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3) Practice Emergency Scenarios

Have your family practice every applicable emergency that can occur in your home, to ensure that all members of the family know your plan of action, and how to execute it independently. Be sure to practice a few times with younger children, who may struggle to fully understand or remember an emergency plan.

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